Let it be to me according to your word

07 December 2023

I just wanted to share with anyone who may read my blog the material that our pastor Matt Kinnell based his sermon upon. He cited various passages that are essentailly promiese or claims made by Yahweh for his chosen believers. This also incorpotates Jesus Christ as the son of God the father (Yahweh). These particular verses brother Matt Kinnell intertwined in reference to when Mary the mother of Jesus was encountered by Gabriel whom had said to Mary:

”Hail, O favored one, the Lor [...continue reading]

Artemis 2024

04 December 2023

This is a deathly serious topic. I never knew that Apollo 1 resulted in immediate death. Sheesh.

[...continue reading]

Clara Schumann Mazurka Op.6 No.3

09 November 2023

I just wanted to share this piece by Clara Schumann. I personally thought if God ever wrote a theme song to accompany Eve after he made her, I really thought this piece of music would fit her perfectly. Oh, [...continue reading]

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